Mulago Foundation

Got Impact?


With that simple four word mantra outlined in an amazing PopTech! talk (below) and a life mission dedicated to living it, Kevin Starr recently joined the ranks of my personal superheroes.

A physician turned managing director of the Mulago Foundation, Kevin has been driven by his passion to carry forward the superb legacy of his medical school mentor Rainer Arnhold. Arnhold, a pediatrician by training, and a humanitarian by choice, spent much of his life working hard to improve the lives of children mired in poverty.

The mission statement is simple, yet immensely powerful:

” Mulago looks for the best solutions to the biggest problems in the poorest countries.”

What made Starr’s talk so – well, impactful (pun intended) – were his ideas around measuring the real impact that various social change ideas eventually have on any given problem. He reveals surprising follow-ups to the failures of highly touted and award winning projects such as LifeStraw and the $100 Laptop among others.