There's something about Ben

May be its his boyish charm and good looks.

May be its his English accent. May be its the fact that in 2004 he trekked solo on foot to the North Pole, becoming the youngest explorer in history to accomplish this feat. May be its his impressive physical fitness – a keen long distance skier, ultramarathoner, mountain biker, and of course, polar explorer.

Mostly I feel connected with the intention behind Ben Saunder’s exploration – to test the limits and push the boundaries of human potential.

He is also a great witness to the earth’s changing climate, blogging and reporting the evolving landscape during all of his spectacular expeditions.

His TED talk is one of my favorites and never fails to inspire!

Ben overcame the challenges of being a “podgy kid at school that was always picked last for the football team” as well as polar expedition failures, not to mention the herculean task of generating funding for his exploration. He is currently training for a 2013 Scott Antarctic mission – the longest unsupported polar trip in history.

What are the challenges you are currently facing on your life adventure?

Take a fresh look at your situation – through Ben’s eyes. Brainstorm three ways you can push the boundaries of your perceived limits.