Move over carbon footprints - Watts are in

Imagine having a “nutrition” label on all the products you use and activities you engage in daily - from reading the New York Times to using your laptop to drinking a glass of wine.

Except instead of “fat” and “carbohydrate” percentages, it would breakdown the power being used each step of the way.

Though “energy labels” are still a few years away, genius and prolific inventor Saul Griffith has created a method to calculate your current daily energy consumption! 

WattzOn is a free online tool that you can use to calculate and keep track of the power needed to maintain your lifestyle. You can compare it to the world wide average and get tons of fun insights on how to cut back on whatever is sucking up the most energy.

The philosophy behind this shift is that no matter what source of energy we use – fossil fuel or renewable, ultimately, we cannot sustain our current levels of energy consumption. Using Watts allows a scalable calculation (yearly, monthly, daily usage) and makes personal accountability simpler.

It takes into account the Embodied Energy of a product - the total energy that went into the production, transportation and purchasing. It is also a more accurate measurement, compared to the vastly variable carbon footprint measurements available today.

My average daily energy consumption is 1,496 watts.

That’s the equivalent of twenty five 60W incandescent bulbs runnning 24/7 .

Or 4 liters of oil per day.

Or one solar panel measuring 49.9 square meters.

The average WattzOn user clocks up 2,999 watts per day. What’s your number?

Log in and calculate your daily Wattage!