Cook. Savor. Then pass it on!

In case you missed it, we are in the midst of a food revolution.

Thanks to their tireless crusading, chef Jamie Oliver and journalist Michael Pollan, among others, are nudging food back to where it belongs: on our plates.

Slowly – and hopefully surely – the industrialized world is waking up to the aftermath of what Pollan describes as the “collapse of cooking”.

To wit:

  • Supermarkets lined with low-cost “edible food-like substances” i.e. artificial products designed to simulate real food that are high on dubious “nutrient” claims, but lacking in substance. e.g. 99% fat free yogurt that has more sugar per ounce than Coca Cola.
  • Agricultural policies that heavily subsidize corn and soy, the source of most junk food
  • food system that runs counter to human health needs promoting heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer
  • A complete disconnect between humans and the food they eat

And now for the good news: the reformation of food has begun!

More and more, consumers are embracing Pollan’s easy-to-remember credo of “Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.” From farmers' markets to the Slow Food Movement and 100 mile diets, we are finally beginning to take back control of our food and health.

While food policy change at a “systems” level is crucial, there is plenty we can do as individuals and communities:

1. Educate yourself. Check out:

2. Stop outsourcing your food. Cook your own meals.

While this might seem like an enormous drain on your already overwhelmed lifestyle, Pollan makes a great point that we always manage to find time and energy for the things we value (e.g. despite your hectic schedule, you always find time to surf the internet).

3. Whet your appetite for cooking.

Nobody does this better than Jamie Oliver! I’ve been a huge fan of his for years, cause he can even make using a pestle and mortar fun. Watch one of his numerous tv shows and get your juices flowing!

4. Then cook! Savor the dish. And Pass It On.

Join Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution by taking a simple pledge: To learn how to make one recipe from this book, enjoy it, and then teach it to 2 other friends, who will continue to pass it on!

And here is his passionate TED Prize 2010 talk, with a wish to "teach every child about food":