TEDxToronto 2.0

Centered around the theme that “an idea without action is just an idea”, TEDaholics across Toronto were treated to a bigger, better, and definitely shinier TEDx event today!

Paul Crowe (co-founder) and his team pulled out all the stops: from the fashionable location Glenn Gould Studio, MTV hosts, amazing stage design & set production, traditional TED style chocolate breaks to the live webcast across numerous satellite locations worldwide, they had it all!

The speaker line-up was impressive, though at times their “call to action” fell short, in my opinion. The ones that left an impact were:

Trey Anthony, actor, writer, speaker and activist, who urged us to come out of the box that society imposes on us, so we can let our creativity unfold to action.

George Kourounis, explorer and host of Angry Planet, recounted amazing stories from his travels to the most dangerous places on earth that taught him to turn fear into adventure.

Neil Hetherington, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Toronto, asked us to put our skills & passion for changing the world into the work of existing non-profits (of which there are plenty, he reminded us) rather than getting entangled in creating a new one.

Perhaps the most vivid example of an idea that led to local action was the Design For Change project. The brainchild of Kiran Sethi, a teacher in India, this initiative has spread across the world inspiring children to create and deliver solutions to what they consider the most pressing problems in their communities and lives.

Kiran Sethi’s TED talk is here:

What is YOUR call to action?

Have you been inspired by an idea, but haven’t had the time or courage to follow through on it?

Though it might seem like creating the impossible, remember that “impossible” simply means that the path from “here” to “there” is not visible to you yet – it does exist! The only way to discover it is to take the first or next step.