Deranged penguins and professional dreamers

Along with seals that sound like Pink Floyd!

Just a few of the fascinating inhabitants of Antarctica, as captured by Werner Herzog in his documentary Encounters at the End of the World. Though that bizarre world seems remote, its mind boggling to consider the effects of climate change on polar ice – and how intricately our futures are tied to theirs.

Lester Brown, President and Founder of the Earth Policy Institute in his book Plan B 3.0 – Mobilizing to Save Civilization :

In late summer 2007, reports of ice melting were coming at a frentic pace. Experts were ’stunned’ when an area of Arctic sea ice almost twice the size of Britain disappeared in a single week…..

……Nearby, the Greenland ice sheet was melting so fast that huge chunks of ice weighing several billion tons were breaking off and sliding into the sea, triggering minor earthquakes……….

…….If we cannot stop this melting of the Greenland ice sheet, sea level will eventually rise 23 feet, inundating many of the world’s coastal cities and the rice growing river deltas of Asia. It will force several hundred million people from their homes, generating an unimaginable flood of rising-sea refugees.

Take a minute to re-read and meditate on this.

Discuss it with a friend. Come up with at least two ways you can cut back on your fossil fuel dependent energy consumption this week.